Deviant Behavior Analysis

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I am going to use a Professional Journal to explain an internationalist perspective and a focus on Ch.6 on Deviance. The journal main focus is to explain how parents influence deviant behavior among teens , it also an analysis their family life, community and peers. In the research, Carlson uses enlarging crime rates to the rise in secure detention facilities, with juvenile crime increasing. He uses three factors that have been found with the ability to aid in decreasing these rates. The factors are what has been recently explain, the teens family, community, and peers, with an overall factor of parenting. Carlson remarks how parents influence the deviant behavior in their children through their parent techniques and the family structure. He argues that without effective monitoring and support of a child and consistent punishments that are vital to rising child, teens are more likely to turn to deviant behavior. …show more content…

If the family structure is broken, teens face low level of parental attachment and supervision, as single-parent living environments also reduce social control thus leading to deviance in teens. In the community aspect, parents should teach values to their children that are accepted in school. If these values are not taught, a teens school bond is broken and cause their academic performance to suffer. If there are no strong bonds that the teen has for his school life, he or she will most likely associate with other deviant peers. Deviant friends pressure teens to continue to partake in deviant actions. Overall, Carlson tries show that the point is that when a child has a weak bond with their parents or the community, their self-control is decreased and social disorganization

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