Deviant Behavior In The Digital World

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Chapter 13 Suler discusses the different kinds of deviant behavior in the digital world. Advances in technology have resulted in new forms of deviance as well as new forms of control. The internet is the place for deviance because of the lack of proper constraints and restraints on associations. The internet has the ability to form communities that creates and supports behaviors that are no longer a norm. Deviant activities often reflect the individual's inappropriate behavior through email, news group messages, and chat room conversations. The different forms of cyber deviances are sexual deviance, self-harm cyber communities, hate groups, and cyber stalking. With existing detailed guidelines and rules governed by authorities on the use of internet, cyber citizens still continue to exhibit unacceptable behaviors. Suler stated that cyber deviant can be rated from mild to severe, depending on its intentions to do harm to others. Sexual deviance online refers to various ways of viewing and collecting pornographic material. For instance, some individuals will use photographs of young women and teenage girl’s that they take from their social media profiles and posted on a pornography website without their permission. The stolen photos in these cases are not explicitly sexual but they are repurposed for sexual services that affect a…show more content…
Social networking websites are being used as a tool to spread their hate. These social networks are being used to recruit members for hate groups and militants. They use internet to form a site that promotes racial violence, anti-semitism, homophobia, hate music and terrorism. As a mother, I do believe that children are being taught in school about the dangers and preventing them from using such sites. Parents must reinforce their children’s learning at home by distinguishing between biased, prejudicial material and fair, accurate
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