Devil Wears Prada Comparison Essay

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Everything begins with an idea. But, can we make this idea better? If we add a little sparkle there and some sequins there, will it be better? The same concept applies to books and film adaptations of such books. Hollywood feels responsible for making these movies extravagant and bringing the “wow factor”. Often times we forget that these movies are based on books, that contain the raw and limitless thoughts of authors. But, is the book always better than the movie? While comparing “The Devil Wears Prada” written by Lauren Weisberger, 2003 and the film adaptation “The Devil Wears Prada” screenplay by Aline Brosh McKenna, 2006, these concepts are explored. In “The Devil Wears Prada”, we are introduced to the protagonist- Andrea Sachs, an…show more content…
If it has the same title surely it can’t be a different story, right? The movie should be respectful and pay homage to the original work. Funnily enough, after reading the book and watching the movie, they could not be more different. There may be people who agree with my opinions, but there may be people who are fans of the actors from the movie,fans of the author or people that like to complain about Hollywood, who would like to see how details were manipulated in the movie versus in the book.

The parallel I am choosing to compare and contrast for plot development is the scene where Andrea quits her job. In the book, Andrea and Miranda are on their way to a fashion show when Miranda tells Andrea, she reminds her of herself when she was younger, Andrea is rendered speechless. When they are at the event, Andrea steps outside to take a smoke when Miranda starts to bombard her phone. Andrea rushes back and Miranda mocks Andrea’s incompetence. Andrea cusses Miranda out and walks out of the fashion show.“‘Ahn-dre-ah, you realize what you’re doing, do you not? You know that if you simply leave here like this, I’m going to be forced-’ [Miranda] ‘Fuck you, Miranda. Fuck you.’ [Andrea]. She gasped audibly while her hand flew to her mouth in shock…” (Weisberger, pg.342) This quote shows how fed up Andrea was, since she essentially tainted her name in the writing world. In the movie, everything starts the same way as in the book until the point where

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