Diabetes : The Definition, Signs And Symptoms, Treatment, The Role Of A Nursing Assistant

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Diabetes 2: The Definition, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment, The Role of a Nursing Assistant.
David Baumann
Blackhawk Technical College

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition, in which the body has problems regulating sugar. People with diabetes have high blood sugar because their bodies do not produce enough insulin or their cells are non-responsive to insulin. Type 2 diabetes specifically, does not produce enough insulin for your body to break down sugar. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report of 2014, over 29 million people that live in the United States have a form of diabetes. It is more common in men than woman and is most affected in people from the ages of 45-64. Diabetes is a serious disease and is only increasing in America each year (NDSR, 2014).
Signs and Symptoms of diabetes may include, frequent urination. Your body gathers the excess glucose that was not successfully broken down with insulin, and turns it into a waste product and is expelled from your body in urine. Since this may cause more of an output than input, the person may be at risk for dehydration, and would be thirsty more often. A rapid weight loss is a common sign of Diabetes, since your body has difficulty metabolizing glucose it uses energy from other sources like protein and fat. Other symptoms include fatigue, blurred vision. Type 2 diabetics have trouble fighting off infection and the healing of soars. There is poor blood circulation so someone may experience

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