Dialects in Korean Language

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There are lots of dialects in Korean language. In South Korea, there are several dialects such as, Kangwon dialect, Kyeonggi dialect, Kyeongsang dialect, Jeonla dialect, Chungcheong dialect, and Jeju dialect. Also, there are dialects in North Korea, which are, Hamkyeong dialect, Pyeongan dialect, and Hwanghae dialect. I am going to cover only South Korea’s dialects in this paper. Kangwon dialect can be distinguished into two big groups, Youngdong and Youngseo. Both groups use consonant of ㅏ(Ah), ㅐ(Eeh), ㅓ(Uh), ㅔ(Eeh), ㅗ(O), ㅘ(Wa), ㅜ(UOO), ㅟ(We), ㅡ(Eeuh), ㅣ(Ee) and vowels of ㄱ(G), ㄲ(GG), ㄴ(N), ㄷ(D), ㄸ(DD), ㄹ(R), ㅁ(M), ㅂ(B), ㅃ(BB), ㅅ(S), ㅆ(SS), ㅇ(O), ㅈ(J), ㅉ(JJ), ㅊ((CH), ㅋ(K), ㅌ(T), ㅍ(P), ㅎ(H). Interesting fact is even though Kangwon is…show more content…
One of the aspects of Jeonla dialect is honorific. Other dialects have honorific and common, but this dialect has very honorific, common, and very common. Consonant ㅓ(Auh) change to ㅡ(Euh), consonant ㅔ(Eeh) change to ㅣ(Ee) is another big aspect. Consonant ㅓ(Auh) changing to ㅡ(Euh) is more often in Jeonla Buk and it has usually a long sound. Kyeongsang, which was mentioned before, uses tone language, Jeonla, Kyeonggi, Chungcheong, and some regions in Kangwon uses length language. This is used when there are letters using same character, then it uses length of word, not the tone. Chungcheong dialect is used in Chungcheong Nam, Sejong Special Municipal City, Chungcheong Buk, and Daejeon Metropolitan City. It uses 19 consonants of ㄱ(G), ㄲ(GG), ㄴ(N), ㄷ(D), ㄸ(DD), ㄹ(R), ㅁ(M), ㅂ(B), ㅃ(BB), ㅅ(S), ㅆ(SS), ㅇ(O), ㅈ(J), ㅉ(JJ), ㅊ(CH), ㅋ(K), ㅌ(T), ㅍ(P), ㅎ(H) and 10 vowels of ㅏ(Ah), ㅐ(Eeh) ㅓ(Auh), ㅔ(Eeh), ㅗ(o), ㅚ(Wae), ㅜ(Woo), ㅟ(We), ㅡ(Euh), ㅣ(Ee). Chungcheong dialect was not considered as independent dialect and recognized as sub-dialect of Central dialect which is Kyeonggi dialect, but it is recognized as independent dialect recently. It has deep relationship with dialects of nearby places, Kyeonggi and Kangwon. Southern Kyeonggi and South–West Kangwon uses some words that is used in this dialect. Chungcheong dialect is slow and mild, and its accent is placid, and there is a saying about this dialect. A son and a father
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