Dialogue Essay: A Trip To Autonomy

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had taken off and put them in the backpack that I left on my back and climbed up the pole easily, because I had been doing it since I joined the agency. I sat down next to her and grabbed the rope out of the back pack. "Now, take this number and find a phone. I don't care where it's from or who you need to hurt, just get a phone. Call it, tell him that I'm in trouble and he'll be able to trace the call" I said, slicing my arm with my nails and writing out Blake's phone number on a cracker box with my blood. She looked a little creeped out at the side of my blood, but she nodded and held it. "How can you trust me to even get help?" She asked, genuinely curious. "How can you trust me not to let go of the rope while you're walking down the wall?" I asked her and…show more content…
I threw her pants down after her, to give her a little decency before walking out into the public. While I was sitting on the wall, watching Savanna run off, I wasn't sure what to do, so I grabbed a few more crackers from the bag and drank some water, making sure to leave some for later because I wasn't sure how long I would be up there. I gasped when I looked down at my wrists and saw an array of different coloured scratches and wounds from where my dad had cut me and from struggling against the hand cuffs. "Get down from there, you fucker!" I heard someone yell and I looked down to see my dad on the ground. I didn't reply and he walked back into the underground area I had previously stayed in. When he came back out, Nash was following him with a gun in his hands. He aimed the gun and fired. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, where he had obviously shot me and wished that it had knocked me out, because the pain was too much for me to handle. A ladder was being pushed up against the wall and Nash climbed up it, growling when it only made it hallway towards
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