The Voices Essay

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The Voices is directed by Marjane Satrapi and written by Michael R. Perry released in 2015. The movie was focusing on the importance of mental illness, crime and even romance. It touches comedy to horror. There were mixed reviews in the public getting both good and bad reception.

The Voices is about a man named Jerry who works in a factory, he has a mental illness schizophrenia which makes him hallucinate and hear voices. His mental illness developed from young due to his abusive father. Jerry from then has received therapy and was given pills to consume. However, Jerry consistently skips his pills, which led to occasion hallucinations. He usually hallucinates his pets talking to him, his cat “Mr. Whiskers” and his dog “Bosco” Mr. Whiskers who takes on a role of his bad or evil persona, while Bosco takes on a role of his good persona. At his workplace, he fell in love with an employee working there named Fiona, however, when they were driving, he accidentally killed her. This leads to an emotional roller coaster for him, he has a mental breakdown if he should listen to Mr. Whiskers or Bosco. He continuously listens to Mr. Whiskers and his adventure to escape
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The sounds in that scene were both diegetic and non-diegetic, diegetic sounds include the father's muffled shouting, yelling and Jerry's own crying. Since the scenes were played in his perspective as well Jerry could hear the voice of Bunnymonkey as well. The non-diegetic sounds were high pitch sounds which sounded like a glitch because it was fast and suddenly stopped. It created fear and mystery because the audience will not know what is coming next. The sounds were irregular causing the audience to be afraid of what was coming next. The sounds also echoed and often created a repetition of the words spoken in the dream. This is to emphasize the harshness of the words used to young Jerry, making the audience feel pity for
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