Diary Of Anne Frank Comparison Essay

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The multifarious fundamental notions by which individuals are exposed to with the human condition develop the basic ways of experiencing, relating and evolving identity through a crucial exploration of humanity. The human condition is explicated dystopically in the fictional novel 1984 and historical autobiography, The Diary of Anne Frank, challenging audience's beliefs, representing totalitarian oppressed societies, revealing the dormant despondency within indifferent individuals. Published in 1949 by George Orwell, 1984 is set in future society, burdened by a tyrannical superstate, enforcing eternal war and ubiquitous government surveillance. Outer Party member, Winston Smith, discretely resists the socialist ‘Ingsoc’ Party, aspiring to reconquer individualism. This is alike with Anne Frank’s, The Diary of Anne Frank autobiography published in 1947, which depicts the emotional tribulations experienced by the young Jewish female, living in seclusion during World War II. During an era of purposed fear, Anne divulged her short life into a diary, exposing her deepest thoughts about her situation within a despotic society. These works challenge the beliefs of the readers through the privation of critical experiences which define humanity, entailing the barbaric flaws of power abuse within society, limiting freedom, relationships, maturation and perception of mortality. Both Orwell and Frank exhibit similar themes of power oppression, challenging beliefs of audiences by

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