Dichotomy: The Battle Between Good And Evil

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Genesis 3:22 states “Then the LORD God said, Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil...” The term “good and evil” stands as a very common dichotomy. In certain cultures, evil remains as the opposite of good, in which good will abound and evil will always hold the disadvantage. A massive argument today relates to whether the battle for good and evil exists as either a physical battle or a spiritual battle. My essay will lead you to believe that the battle between good and evil holds a spiritual meaning. Numerous amounts of people believe that we learn how to sin. However, Christians believe in original sin based upon the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 8:21 states …”every inclination of the human…show more content…
The study was simple; show a baby an example of estimable behavior, and afterwards show the infant an example of iniquitous behavior. Later, let the baby decide what he or she likes. The team from the Cognition Center began with a puppet show. In this show, a cat is shown trying to open a plastic box. The cat tries and tries and tries, but he simply cannot open the lid completely. A bunny wearing a green T-shirt comes skipping along and helps open the box. Next, the scenario is repeated, however, this time around a bunny wearing an orange T-shirt comes stomping along and mashes the box shut before running away. The green bunny is both nice and helpful, and the orange bunny is both mean and unhelpful. A staff member will display both bunnies from the play. The baby's mother, who usually watches the study close by, will close her eyes so she will not influence the baby. “More than 80% of the babies in the study showed their preference for the well-behaved bunny, either by reaching for this bunny or staring at it. And with a 3-month old that number goes higher, to 87%.”( This study shows that babies are born with a moral behavior and, therefore, are born with a spiritual
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