Dickinson's 'Siwon': A Fictional Narrative

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" See that nurse over there, it’s taemin, I caught him flirting with Siwon. He will text Siwon everyday and tell him to take care and don’t forget to eat. , sends little hearts, wants to move his duty on the same day with Siwon.. but Siwon is oblivious.. "
" Maybe he doesn’t know that Siwon is already taken?" I asked him, but he just looked at me and said
" Of course he knew, because Siwon proposed here, when we found out that I’m pregnant.. So everyone here knew that we’re together.. You know what I did to stop him?" " Yeah,.." I nodded my head coz I really want to know
" Hahaha during our love making I called that flirty bitch and let him listen to my moan, and Siwon kept calling my name.. Imagined the time he answered his phone and the

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