Did Erasmus Lay the Egg Luther Hatched

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Did Erasmus lay the egg that Martin Luther hatched?, this is such a complex question. One would have to take into consideration that Luther and Erasmus did not think to keenly of each other, and disagreed on many factors. Especially with one being of the catholic faith and the other reforming against Catholicism and protesting against the pope himself. Even though they both had their differences, they did both conclude that there was something wrong with the catholic church and therefore Desiderius Erasmus did lay the egg that Martin Luther hatched.
Now, both Erasmus and Luther wrote something out against the Catholic church, Erasmus writes the satire praise of folly in 1509 , and Martin Luther writes his 95 Theses on the Power and …show more content…

The pope may grant remission or take back the sin if it is to his judgement, but if the pope was despised, the grant would remain unforgiven, leaving the pope without power. Erasmus and Luther are making almost the exact same point, but from two different readings. In the very next sentence in The Praise of Folly, Erasmus goes on to say,
“ They measure the length of their time in Purgatory as if by water-clock, counting centuries,

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