Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

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Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Thirty two percent of the world’s population in 2013 considered themselves Christians. This is the largest collective religion in existence. The number has quadrupled since 1910, rising by six hundred million. In the Christian faith a man, born of a virgin and perfect in human eyes is placed on earth to live and die as the ultimate sacrifice, enduring and eliminating eternal punishment for sin. This man’s name is Jesus Christ. In the collection of works recounting this commonly known as the Gospels it is also said that after Christ has died by crucifixion he would be resurrected after three days to return to heaven. All of these things were prophesied on thousand years before Jesus was born. In order to prove Jesus’ resurrection one must look at the available evidence to prove that with reliable resources and eye-witness accounts the miraculous life Christ led wasn’t as far from possible as many would like to believe. Based on historical and biblical evidence, one can prove with great certainty that Jesus rose from the dead.
I. Proving Our Sources to Be Reliable
The Bible, specifically the New Testament is the biggest source in proving the death and resurrection of Jesus available. Though, by not believing in Christianity the Bible is nothing more than a bunch of words thrown together by slightly clever crazy people. So, in order to use any part of The Bible for support later in this paper we must show evidence that backs it and gives it…

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