Did Robin Hood Exist

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Have you ever thought, “Was Robin Hood a living breathing person?”. I believe that Robin Hood (definition provided by http://www.dictionary.com/browse/robin--hood?s=t, “a legendary, English outlaw of the 12th century, a hero of many ballads, who robbed the rich to give to the poor: a popular model of courage, generosity and justice, as well as of skill in archery, he lived and presided over his band of followers chiefly in Sherwood Forest.”) did not exist in the past and as of March 2017, there are more valid reasons on why Robin Hood doesn’t exist than that he does. Today, I will talk about 4 versions of Robin Hood, the ballad, novel (definition based on), gest and the movie adaptation. The tales about Robin Hood were written after Robin Hood’s supposed lifespan. It’s said that Robin Hood lived in the 1100’s…show more content…
For example, it is said that Robin Hood was born in either Loxley/Locksley or Nottinghamshire, so no one knows where Robin Hood was birthed and it is yet to be confirmed. If Robin Hood owns a longbow, he lived in the 1300s, or if he owned shortbow, he inhabited the earth during the 1100s. His grave in Kirklees Priory doesn’t have a tomb/case underneath it, but his grave may be in a churchyard in his supposed birthplace, Locksley/Loxley. No one is yet to find out, because the church is on sacred grounds. The modern day adaptation(books, movies and gests about Robin Hood after the early ballads) of Robin Hood has an amount of differences compared to the original, early ballads of Robin Hood. In the original ballads, there is no proof that Robin Hood gave to the poor, unlike how the public sees him. Robin Hood doesn’t help King/Sir Richard in the original ballads, but the sheriff of Nottingham is killed in the original ballads, by Little John. the death of Robin Hood is the main similarity between all versions of Robin Hood, Robin Hood dies from bleeding
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