Did the White Socks Fix the World Series Against the Cincinnati Reds in 1919?

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There was great speculation that in 1919, the White Sox fixed the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. Even though there is factual evidence of such occurring, some members of the scandal still maintained their innocence, like “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. There was a trial about the scandal and the jury delivered a verdict of not guilty, however when Major League Baseball investigated, they banned eight members for life. In addition, prior to the trial, crucial evidence went missing from the Cook County Courthouse, including the signed confessions of two players, who subsequently recanted their confessions. With all the conspiracy theories taken into account, the White Sox indeed did fix the 1919 World Series in exchange for cash payments that were given to specific players. There were quite a few motives that helped this fix get into place. In 1919, the White Sox were the premiere baseball team in the nation, with a record of 88-51, which was the best record in the American League. Despite the extremely high amount of wins the White Sox had, and being the best performing team in baseball, most, if not all the players were still unhappy. All of the players were vastly underpaid by the owner of the White Sox, Charles Comiskey. Many people believe that Comiskey’s stinginess and general treatment of the players were to blame for the entire ordeal. Comiskey treated the players very unfairly; he was able to get away with paying players low salaries because of the "reserve…
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