Dido's 'Aeneid': Summary

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Old Testamentead husband, so she goes to Anna, her sister, for advice. Anna tells her about what an incredible, mighty city the two could have together. Dido shows her infatuation with Aeneas, and Juno sees this as an opportunity to move Aeneas to Libya. Juno tries to talk to Venus about everything, but she knows her plan. Aeneas and Juno go out to hunt when Juno sends a huge storm in which they flee into a cave, “getting married.” Rumor tells the king of Larbas, and he is outraged. Mercury is sent to remind Aeneas of his fate, but Aeneas does not know how to tell Dido, so he tries to sneak off. Dido overhears the plan and curses Aeneas out, saying how he is dishonoring her. She then faints, and Aeneas continues his journey. Dido asked Anna …show more content…

Aeneas is commanded to make sacrifices, as well as promise to build a temple in his new city for Apollo and Diana. Deiphobe warns the men that they will suffer another huge war, face another Achilles, and have to face the wrath of Juno. Aeneas asks if he can go see his father, and Deiphobe gives him a list of instructions on how to do so. Aeneas is buries Misenus, finds the golden bough with the help of two doves, and sacrifices the cattle. Aeneas then follows the Sybil to the gates of the underworld, where Aeneas sees the souls that have not had the proper burial, so they do not receive passage. Charon allows the pair to pass, when Aeneas sees Dido, who runs away to fine her husband. Next, they pass many war heroes and a fortress of those who had created the gravest sins. They reach the groves where Aeneas’s father is, and Anchises tells him that he has a great future ahead of him, but he will not speak of it. Anchises leads the two out of the Underworld through the gates of ivory, where Aeneas meet his men again and head back off of the …show more content…

Tiberinus appears in Aeneas’s dreams and tells him to search for the omen and to ask King Evander for support, as well as pray to Juno to change her fury towards the Trojans. Evander’s men were holding a ceremony of Hercules who had saved the city from Cacus, when the king’s son thinks Aeneas’s men are intruders. Evander gladly says he will assist the Trojans, and they all feast, when the king explains how Latium came to be. Meanwhile, Venus sees the Latin uprising and asks Vulcan to make a set of weapons and armor for Aeneas immediately, which he does. Evander suggests Aeneas ask the Etruscans for aid because they were once ruled by an ally of Turnus. Evander also offers his son because he is too old to fight. Aeneas, with Pallas by his side, marches to the Etruscans, led by King Tarchon. Once they arrive, Venus appears with the marvelous weapons, including a shield which depicts the future of Rome. It contained Romulus, Remus, Augustus Caesar, and much

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