Dietary Advice As Cultural And Health Constructs Intertwined

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Dietary advice has cultural and health constructs intertwined. There are progressive and damaging aspects of the social constructs within diet tips. The gains are that it provides awareness of foods, it’s constantly evolving and has lots of variety to fit societies desires. On the other hand, these constructs can be negative because trendy foods may not be based off health with guidelines like status, ease and taste. It’s vital to grasp both sides of social constructs when discussing dietary advice. 1. BAD- NOT Cultural constructs may be based more off of ease and taste rather than health. First, “Nutritional Terrorism”, states how vitamins had a huge craze in the late 1960’s. There was no evidence that it worked well but people wanted a quick fix. Ease can over shadow the health when people are choosing what foods to consume. “The government had thenceforth sided with the medical establishment as it battled to keep the public from turning to vitamins- rather than doctors” (Levenstein, 166). This goes to show that social constructs didn’t work out because it was recommending things that were stress-free not nourishing. Also, companies are relay on social constructs in order to make quick money with the fad things they come out with. TRY TO FIND EXAMPLE OF THIS ---“JUNK FOOD ISNT GOING ANYWHERE” example from Carmen 2. NEGATIVE- Social rules are enchanted status and price. Companies have a big part to do with creating something that will sell fast for lazy people.
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