Dietary Supplements Lab Report

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RJ Stephens
Andy Vac, Tyler Parsons, Mark Chorosinski
Section 044
October 29, 2014
Thursday 12:30
Ms. Kristin Grogg
Dietary Supplements: Not Just Proteins
A company wants to know if a product they may promote really increases muscle mass by having high levels of protein. The company suspects the supplement may contain fillers such as sugars and starches. They went to the biotech company (our lab group) to conduct the experiments that will determine what is in the supplement. We hypothesized that when tested against knowns, the unknown would be found to contain mostly starch. Once general composition of the supplement was found, the concentration was tested by adding Lugol’s iodide to the solution and then testing the absorbency …show more content…

One milliliter of liquid was pipetted into three test tubes each making a total of nine test tubes. Biurets reagent, Lugol’s iodide, and Benedict’s solution were the reagents used to help identify the unknowns. One milliliter of each reagent was added to one protein test tube, one starch test tube, and one glucose test tube. We placed the test tubes with Benedict’s solution in a hot water bath for 5 minutes and recorded what happened. The three supplements acquired were tested using the same techniques used above and were compared to each other. The objective in this experiment was to determine what was in each …show more content…

In week one, only one unknown was found to contain protein. One of the unknowns in the first experiment actually produced a green-blue participate and that was unexpected because that did not show up in our control group. The purpose of the experiment conducted in the second week was to determine the concentration of starch in the supplements. There was a slight stray in this experiment. The 60µg/mL concentration of the control noticeably falls off the line of best fit more than any other point. The unknown products tested contained anywhere from 19-55µg/mL of starch. A way to improve this experiment in the future is to find the concentration of the sugar and protein along with the starch. This way, one would be able to see if there was a relationship between

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