Verification Of Manufacturer Claims Of Protein Content

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Esther Ejiemen Sado
12 October 2015
TA: Thomas Nguyen
Bio 2107k
Verification of Manufacturer Claims of Protein Content
Often times on many products the nutritional values do not add up. The consumers receive the product believing that the nutritional value is correct when in fact it is the opposite. Because consumers are, on various occasions, being deceived by the manufacturers, this experiment was done to test to see if the protein in commercially available products is correct. A spectrophotometer was used to measure the concentration of the molecule that was being investigated. A colorimetric indicator was added to the standards, and a graph was formed. The graph was used to determine the mathematical relationship between concentration and absorbance. In this experiment three product’s protein content (whole milk, muscle milk, and protein shake) were tested. The milk and muscle milk content for protein was approximately right, but the protein content for the protein shake was wrong. The whole milk had a final concentration of 41 mg/ml, protein had a final concentration of 34 mg/ml, and muscle milk had a final concentration of 70 mg/ml.
Proteins are important for the human body. Proteins play many important roles in the body including the structure of enzymes; these are important proteins that help reactions occur in the body, such as releasing from the food we eat. Proteins also function as transport proteins such as hemoglobin; an iron
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