Difference Between Baby Boy And Baby Girl

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Baby Boy or Baby Girl In most countries about one hundred and five boys are born for every one hundred grils. Babies are a divine blessing in the life of every mom to be. The birth of a child is a blast into a woman´s life but, it also brings a huge responsibility. Some women want to conceive a boy others a girl. Women can not choose their baby´s gender but they can for sure choose to be great mothers to guide them in life. Baby boys and baby girls often compare and contrast in money spending because clothing style and accesories demand just as, toys which are a recreation expense.
Baby girls demand a lot of money spending. For example, baby girls have a high demand on diapers. It is very important that a female is ofeten changed her diaper because of outcoming diseases. Milk is a huge purchase for parents when having a baby girl because they drink a bottle every two hours. Clothing style is another expense for baby grils. Although, clothing style changes among gender girls are free and open to wear what they like. Some female cloth parts are dresses, skirts, blouses, T- shirts and pants. Any kind of pants are also aceptable for girls and shoes such as sneakers. Money
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In similarity to baby girls they also have a high demand on diapers. The baby boys just like the girls are very sentitive as well this means that they have to be change as frequently too.Also, to mention that boys need a lot of bottles, and research has show that males have a big apettite. In comparison to the females, males cna also wear what ever they like. They are no different from females they can both wear jeans and sneakers becuase this clothing is unisex. Some other male clothings are T-shirts, bermuda shorts, sneakers and closed shoes. As we can see there is almost no difference between this two. Money spending in baby boys is a high demand because they are just as needing as girls and their outfits are even more expensive and hard to
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