Difference Between Civil Liberties And Civil Rights

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Kriti Gautam Professor Sherry Sharifian Federal Government 2305-71433 7 October 2017 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights-Fundamentals to the US Constitution Civil liberties are “The fundamental individual rights of a free society, such as freedom of speech and the right to a jury trial, which in the United States are protected by the Bill of Rights” (Patterson 126). 1 Civil rights are rights for freedom and equality. The main difference between civil liberties and civil rights is that civil rights pertain to how people treat others, and civil liberties pertain to the actual freedom that individuals enjoy. They are similar in that they both promote the protection of freedom in the constitution. Civil rights have had more influence on my life, because, as a minority, life would have been so different without civil rights. Also, if not everyone can enjoy civil liberties through civil rights, then there might as well be no Bill of Rights to protect the fundamental human rights.
The courts weigh in any time there is a dispute regarding civil rights or liberties; for example, the civil liberties court case, Byrd v. United States, deals with the Third Amendment, which is in the Bill of Rights. 2 This court case raises the question about whether a driver should expect privacy in a rental car that he/she has permission to drive, but is not an authorized driver on the rental agreement (“Byrd v. United States” 1). The court ruled that a person who has permission to drive a rental

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