Civil Rights Vs. Civil Liberties

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1 Darby Gobb Professor Sharifian Government 2305 18 September 2017 Civil Rights vs.
Civil Liberties In America, today there is a lot of controversy over human’s rights. This is not true of just today, however, this fight for people 's rights has been going on for ages. There are two basic types of rights. 2 There are Civil Rights and there are Civil Liberties. Civil Liberties are a broader topic, such as the right to vote or the right to bear arms, they can be directly from the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. While Civil Rights are more specific, for example, employers cannot be ageist or sexist and woman should have the same chance for a promotion than any man. Civil Rights protect everyone from any type of discrimination. While Civil
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Overall, the main difference is that Civil Liberties deals with unalienable rights and Civil Rights defends people 's equality.
The most prevalent civil sequence in my life right now would be Civil Rights. In America, I mostly hear about the unfair treatment of other based off of race, religion, and gender. I do not see much about Civil Liberties because I feel as though those are states law opposed to Civil Rights which are more of a controversial topic.
2 The courts deal with cases of civil rights and civil liberties all the time. A prime example of a civil rights case is “Trump. v. International Refugee Assistance Project” found from the supreme court 's website. In this case President Trump had sent an order the affected the immigration of foreigners. This is civil rights because America has equality for all people so no one should be discriminated against for their ethnicity. A court case that represents a civil liberties issue is “Florida v. Jardines” found from the Supreme Court 's website. In this court case the civil liberty that was in question was the right to avoid unreasonable search or seizure. This is because the police entered a home without true probable cause, therefore, violating Jardines’ rights.
Between the two cases previously mentioned
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