Difference Between Kantian And Absolutism

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Relate Kantian Theory with Absolutism

The word absolutism may discuss to philosophical perspective which creates ideas of absolute fact, concerning arguments that is specific dominions of beliefs. The moral absolute like “Do not kill” can be larger or smaller than another moral absolute, like “Do not lie”. Moral absolutism is the ethical faith that there are absolute principles beside which ethical problems can be tried, and that certain deeds are right or wrong, irrespective of the background of the action. Kant ethics is a model of virtue ethics. An individual is righteous is the one who obey his command. Moral absolutism is the virtuous faith. You are judged by your acts. The actions you have done are right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. Your society sees you from your acts whether they are good or
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No matters what is your way but you have to do your duty and it is your main focus. If a person is doing his duty than in the end he should enjoy it. On judgment day you have are responsible to your acts not the other person acts. Moral absolutism is an average that evaluate those actions that may be right or wrong the important thing that is countable is how you done that action. In the perspective of a criminal he thinks that killing someone is moral. Moral is that because in this world he suffers so it is a way to help him. They think that we are helping them and giving them free from this world. But we think that killing someone is immoral. Kant said that committing suicide is not wrong this is because the people who commit this free him from this world. And save him from bad deeds. Saving yourself from bad is good in a way. You are doing your duty because you think that it is good for me so I have to do this. And it is not possible for other individuals to do this. Because this act is wrong in others eye but right for the one who is committing
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