Difference Between Personal Knowledge And Knowledge

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In order to have a balance between group development of human knowledge and the interaction with the individual, one must be able to distinguish the difference between personal knowledge and shared knowledge. The interaction between these invites me to reflect on the meaning of a specific shared knowledge claim in relation to the individual. In assessing how ways of knowing operate differently in shared and personal knowledge, the knowledge question arises: In considering an individual’s cultural capital, to what extent does shared knowledge affect one’s personal knowledge? Through different ways of knowing, I can demonstrate that shared knowledge operates differently to personal knowledge, although there may be overlaps.
Personal knowledge is specific and subjective to the individual, and is acquired through individualised perspectives and experiences. Shared knowledge, on the other, hand is dictated by a group and is widely accepted amongst its members. It is acknowledging that membership of a particular group is likely to provide a certain perspective on the world, which could in turn be very different from other groups. Studying biology, for example, within the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme demonstrates how shared knowledge operates – biology is a discipline that, over the centuries, a significant number of people have contributed knowledge to. Collaboration is at the heart of this shared knowledge since the standards of biology are set by scientists who…
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