Difference Between Postcolonialism And Post-Colonialism

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In the 1990s, when other fields failed to predict some major events of the twentieth century, including the struggle to decolonise, post-colonialism entered the field of International Relations. Postcolonialism can be surmised as the theory of International Relations which uses the effect of colonialism to describe the conditions of countries today, with a focus on personal information from its peoples. 'Post-colonial' refers to the analysis of colonialism and anti-colonialism. 'Postcolonial' is used to indicate the analysing of the current era of International Relations as the postcolonial era. The relevance of postcolonial theory for the study of International Relations will be discussed and analysed.
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Its theories have been shaped through many academic disciplines, including literary studies, social history, French philosophy, and psychoanalysis. Great powers held colonies, but those colonies were not studied unless they caused difficulties for individual great powers. The histories, peoples, and cultures in Third World countries were ignored by International Relations until the 1980s. Post-colonial/postcolonial studies improved International Relations knowledge. It has been joined by feminist analysis and movements of peoples that reverse the usual direction taken during the colonial

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