Difference Between Private And Private Schools

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Central Catholic school, Columbian Christian school, Jim Bridger school and David Douglas School. So many different schools. How does a parent choose? Education is undoubtedly is an issue with different opinions when deciding between private and public schools. Our country is a country of contrasts, economically, socially and geographically. Education is the action or process of impacting knowledge to another (Merriam Webster) with trained teachers, good books, updated technology and a high-quality curriculum. The public schools are institutions open to all kinds of students without monthly payments. For example, children with low income recourses, children with special needs (Handicapped, MR condition), aggressive behavior, learning disabilities and most of the times these institutions accept children whose English is not their native language. Students wear civilian cloths and they are not required to purchase any type of uniform. Most of the time parents do not have to pay for meals provided in schools or pay for any extra class given by the school. However, several of the schools ask the parents to buy school supplies with the purpose of having a productive school year.

Second, private schools are institutions which are managed with the money of those parents who can afford the high cost of each month. Parents not only pay the high tuition fees but also should have to pay for school supplies, regular uniforms, sport uniforms, food provided inside of these

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