Public School Vs. Public Schools

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When most people talk about “public school” they are actually thinking of average students in a general education classroom, who learn and work at a typical academic pace, introducing the common core and state standards within twelve years. The fact of the matter is that the previous reference to “school” leaves out 13% of children who attend public school in the United States. If there are 15.1 million students who attend public schools then that is leaving out approximately 1,063,000 students! There are actually quite a few students who attend public school but also have Individual Education Programs in place so that they can find success, in the average classroom setting. Often, the daily routine of these students varies greatly from those students to exclusively experience General Education.
The IEP is an important tool and legal document that ensures that students who have exceptional learning needs have equal access to the general education curriculum and will receive the services they need in order to grow and learn alongside peers of their age. It is the cumulative result of the assessments from teachers of professionals who have, with parents, combined their knowledge and developed a clear plan that states the schedule of learning interventions, instructional supports, accommodation or modifications that the student may need in order to be included in the general education classroom and make academic growth. IEP’s are the way that public schools show

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