Difference Between Semiotics, Semiology And Difference

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What is Semiotics, Semiology and Difference? In this paper I will define the Semiotics, Semiology and Difference then I will give the views and beliefs of the three of the masterminds behind these terms.

Firstly, Semiology and Semiotics are two related disciplines, which study semiotics, the relation of significance involving signs, object and mind, and classification of signs. Semiotics is a synonym for Semiology. Semiotics is defined as the study of signs and symbols and their interpretation, while Semiology is semiotics, the study of signs. According to Swiss Linguist and Semiotician Ferdinand de Saussure semiotics is the science of signs. Saussure in Course in General Linguistics, said "the roles of signs are part of our social life". For him, sign has two parts, the signifier and the signified. The signifier is the physical form of the sign. The signified is the concept to which the signifier refers the meaning or idea it refers to in …show more content…

For him, Semiotics is a formal doctrine of sign, signs must have a “real connection with the thing it signifies.” It is a much boarder clasof Saussure’s signifier, as it extends into the physical as well. According to him, there is a third element that must be present for signification to take happen. This, additional element is the understanding of the relation between signifier and signified, he referred to this as the interpretant. The interpretant sheds light on the relationship between signifier and signified. Pierce admonishes that a sign or signifier must be interpreted in order to exist. The sign or signifier creates an interpretant and this in turn allows us to access it object or the signified. In other words, if the sign means something it requires somebody (a mind) signifying and something (an object) that is

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