Difference Between Technology And Technology

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Difference between school with technology and without technology
With the pass of the time human's life has been change dramatically. One of the most notable thing is how technology has change people's life. For example, you can ask your grandfathers how life was when technology didn't exist. Imagine how people communicate with someone else a couple years back. People usually had to write letters that took days to arrive to the person or in some cases the letters got lost. Now days with the advance of technology people only write an email or a text massager and they can be communicated instantly. It is clear that technology has become so important in people’s daily life. Technology not only change people's life style, it creates really good advantages in education. There are a lot of differences between how school was before technology came out and now days with the advantages that technology brings with it. These advantages of technology have made students' life easier.
Now with the advantages of technology most students have access to a computer that brings a lot of advantages with it. One of the advantages that a computer brings is internet. It makes students life easier because now students have the opportunity to look for information on the internet. Basically, students can have all the information that they want in the palm of their hands at any time that they want. For example, there are a lot of websites where students can look for information such as

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