Difference Between Technology And Traditional Teaching

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The Balance Between Technology and Traditional Teaching in Schools
Are computers helpful to a child’s learning process or do they completely ruin it? Many people have a strong opinion on technology and using it in schools. Parents, educators and students all have different views on the topic. Some people believe that it is unnecessary to use technology in schools, and who encourage traditional teaching and hands on learning; others believe that technology is enticing the children and putting forth an engaging way of presenting information. Many schools are going towards the direction of including technology as an effective tool used for their curriculum, but there still needs to be a hands on aspect to introduce the children to new experiences. Education should be a mixture of technology and hands on; traditional teaching needs to be balanced to create a complete connection needed for the real world for children in school.
Traditional teaching provides hands on connections and experiences which is beneficial to a child’s education. Hands on connections are needed for the real world because they provide the ability to recognize and comprehend things that may be foreign to some people. With this type of learning a person does what the exact skill is. It provides comprehension because it gives a learner the chance to try or create. In the real world a child will come in contact with many people and have to face foreign challenges. “‘We want them to get to know the world on a

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