Difference Between Thomas Paine And The Crisis No. 1

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The Revolutionary Era was a turbulent time in American History. The voices of revolution rang from all over the colonies. King George III was seen as a tyrant, Britain’s taxes were oppressing, and the colonist’s sought political freedom at last. However, this movement towards freedom did not spur overnight. Leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine used their skills as an author and orator to persuade others to join the revolution. Thomas Paine’s The Crisis No. 1 boosted soldier’s morale and urged them to continue bravely in their fight against Britain. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence formally removed Great Britain from their rule over the colonies. Jefferson used powerful and moving statements to list the reasons for the colonies separation. Although Paine and Jefferson’s writing aided in the persuasion of political leaders; many colonists were not able to read these powerful political works. Had the writing of Paine and Jefferson been easily accessible for colonists, Paine’s The Crisis No. 1. would have caused a greater effect on the colonists’ perspectives than Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.
During the American Revolution, morale was low and many colonists wanted to give up their fight against the British and return home. General George Washington wanted to encourage his troops to remain strong in their fight. In order to do this, General Washington had Thomas Paine’s The Crisis No. 1. read to his soldiers. Thomas Paine wrote The Crisis
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