Differences And Fall Of The Han Dynasty And The Roman Empire

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The Han Dynasty and Roman Empire both ruled for considerably long periods, spanning over four centuries around the same time. The Zhou Dynasty, an early Chinese empire, ruled to around the beginning of the Han Dynasty. Their government was based on feudalism; this giving power to the rich in their society. Overextension led to the fall of their rule, leading to the rise of Confucianism and Legalism. These beliefs along with Taoism led to the warring states period, these views leading to the start of the Qin Dynasty and then to the Confucianist Han Dynasty. Like the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire began with nobility rule. A difference would be that the Roman Republic's fall had more to do with the tension between the classes. This leading to Julius Caesar's rule, like Qin Shi Huangdi the Emperor of the Qin Shi Dynasty. Caesar's assassination lead to the rise of the Roman Empire. The beginning of their regions early powers began around the same period and spanned for around the same length, this provided for similarities between the two, such as tension between classes, and expansion of their trade routes, a difference being the succession of leaders in both of their governments.

Tension between classes contributed to the fall of the Han Dynasty and the Western Roman Empire. The difference in which the wealthy and poor lived and the unrecognized inequality of land distribution in the Han Dynasty led to the Yellow Turban Uprising. This uprising was a

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