Differences And Similarities In Food Situation In Chad And Sudan

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In the world, many people are facing with food issues, such as hunger, food loss, and malnutrition. Even if a total of malnutrition rate was globally decreasing by 8%, there were 800 million people who were undernourished during the 2012 and 2014 (Seitz, J. L., & Hite, K., 2016). World Bank says that 80% of undernourished people are women and children (Seitz, J. L., & Hite, K., 2016). In fact, about half of children under 5 globally died because of malnutrition (“Children malnutrition rate”, 2017). Typically, people’s health is most strongly related to what they eat, and lack of nutrition always brings a variety of diseases and infections. Development of countries also is related to nutrition. In developing countries in Africa, many people are suffering from food shortage. For …show more content…

Food productions in Chad and Sudan are affected by geographical conditions, such as hot climate, sandy soil, and lack of water. Indeed, extremely high temperature leads to lack of water for their agriculture. Then, farmers cannot cultivate crops with enough nutrition to be healthy for them. While many citizens both in Sudan and Chad are suffering from malnutrition, their troubles are caused by different reasons, conflicts, and cultural practice. Sudan is more successful about food policy than Chad. In fact, it is difficult for Chad to improve their agriculture due to the failure of policy while the government in Sudan received the supports from other countries because of the partnership for their food. In developing countries, citizens encounter malnutrition issue because of the food shortage, caused by the geographical difficulty to produce food. However, agricultural assistance from other countries by Sudan’s diplomacy allows Sudan to improve their food situation. Therefore, a country with difficulty of food should receive the agricultural aid from others to solve their food

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