Differences Between Formal Grammar And Functional Grammar

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3.2 Development of Grammar
Language is always in flux and dynamic, so is grammar, an important component of language. During the passage of time, there were many aspects in human society that have experienced changes, which influenced language. Therefore, the development of grammar is also significant. There were different frameworks and types of grammar being developed by degrees. In this section, two distinctive types: formal grammar and functional grammar will be introduced. 3.2.1 Formal Grammar
According to Khatim (2013), grammar is established when a significant number of people use the language in the same structure, or particular ways, and rules for grammar would be established gradually. There should be formal rules for grammar so as to act as a guidance for language usage. As pointed out by Khatim
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English in the past has been greatly influenced by Latin grammar. Principles, facts and rules of Latin grammar contained a larger body than that of English grammar. In other words, Latin grammar is more standardized and precise, so as formal grammar. People who teach formal grammar hoped that this large impact of Latinized Material could be retained (McLaughlin,…show more content…
McLaughlin points out that a grammar lesson with exactly the same contents can actually be a kind of formal grammar teacher or functional grammar teaching, depending on the purpose of the teacher that rather the teacher want to give mental training to the students, or want them to really apply what they have leant to their speeches. As Coffin, Donohue and North (2013) mentioned, even the two kinds of grammar could be presented in completely different ways, connections between them could still be
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