Differences Between Julius Caesar And Cleopatra

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I think that Caesar was a better leader than Cleopatra, because he was actually kinda already a leader to the people in Rome. Cleopatra did not really lead anybody she was just a women who wanted power and to be on top. She wanted to rule everyone and from the story on actively learn it seems like she did not care about anybody she just wanted to be a head of everything, and also have the throne. Cleopatra killed her brother and sister just to make sure and guarantee that she becomes queen. In which seems not leadership nor good, in the end she also killed herself. Caesar on the other hand fought for what he believed in and fought for the people, he went to war and was gone for years until he was finished with what he had to get done. For example when Caesar came back to Rome after the whole fighting thing, he told the people that he did not wish to be king. Before Caesar came back, Caesar told his friend to go to Rome and ask the people what they wanted in the film. In which made the people like Caesar even more because he actually cared about his people in Rome, unlike the other senators. The other senators were different from Caesar because they did not care what the people wanted in Rome nor did they bother to ask them, what they wanted. The other senators only cared about royalty and getting what they wanted and what their children or significant other wanted. Cleopatra did have an army that set camp up outside of Alexandria, all because she wanted sole leadership so
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