Differences Between Marx And Feuerbach 's Conceptions Of The Relationship Between Philosophy And Religion

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The following essay will be considering the differences between Marx’s and Feuerbach’s conceptions of the relationship between philosophy and religion, as well as the implications this has for their thoughts on religion, which brief discussion on the criticisms one could pose to these thinkers for their theories. What is important to note before we begin is that both of these thinkers are reacting to the Enlightenment era of Philosophy which is the idea of a rational and scientific approach to religion and the self. Kant defined the enlightenment as a move to autonomy away from heteronomy, meaning that human thought moved from considering God to be central to everything to viewing God as an entity who was important but more on the back…show more content…
Ultimately Descartes does return to the idea of god, as they are necessary for thought to be consistent as God holds the rules of the universe in place. And this is what Feuerbach wishes to avoid because he is critical of the enlightenment criticism of religions. For Marx this isn 't correct at all, instead, Marx sees religion to be a concept created purely by humans, in an effort to right their suffering and bad lives, and furthermore, Marx the relationship between religion and Philosophy is less clear. Marx first rejects past philosophy, stating that if we are to know the realities of the world then this is to be done through the natural sciences, not through philosophical questioning of the world. Instead, Marx takes a Hegelian take on philosophy and takes it to be more about the history of social thought and society itself. Though Different to Hegel, Marx wishes to question the claim that history is rationally ordered. To see how this relates philosophy to religion is to see that Marx has reduced the reach of philosophy to only consider subjects such as religion because metaphysic is not an extension of science. This is important because it leads to Marx attacking Feuerbach 's idea that religion delivers self-knowledge through philosophy, something which I will come to explain in the following essay. In the following essay, we shall see that Marx and Feuerbach differ immensely in their take on religion and its relation to philosophy, but both

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