Differences Between Native Americans And Native Americans

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In school, we are somewhat taught about the conflicts Native Americans and Europeans had. We are taught what happened, but not really why it happened and what was gathered from the experience. For example, the United States government has roots in the Iroquois Confederacy (Indianyouth.org, 2017). European settlers gained from the forceful taking of Native American land, while the Natives suffered. They were lied to, robbed, and the majority killed. Native Americans used to be all over America, now there are only 556 federally recognized Indian and Alaskan tribes (Indianyouth.org, 2017). Although most Americans blame the conflict between Native Americans and European settlers on the Natives being uncivilized, the differences between the two cultures are more to blame due to them having contrasting values and Europeans believing they were superior. Two big difference between Native American and European culture are their languages and the weapons they used. Europeans spoke and wrote in English. Native Americans had many different languages, most tribes and their own. A few of the most common Native American languages are Navajo, Yupik, Sioux, Apache, Rio Grand Keresan, Cherokee, and Choctaw (Lee, 2017). While Europeans used guns as weapons, Native Americans used weapons made of stone. The Native Americans had been still in the stone age of their civilization (Warpaths2peacepipes.com, 2017). They used weapons such as bows and arrows, war clubs, tomahawks, and knives
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