Motorcycles And Sweetgrass By Drew Hayden Taylor

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The novel Motorcycles and Sweetgrass written by Drew Hayden Taylor revolves within Otter Lake, an Anishnawbe community. A mysterious blonde, white man arrives riding on a motorcycle. This man is known as John, a man with a numerous amounts of surnames. John is seen around the neighborhood and found sharing a passionate kiss with Lillian, the grandmother of a boy named Virgil. The chief of this community, Maggie is head over heels for this white man; however Maggie’s son Virgil does not approve of John constantly being around his mother and has a bad feeling about this man. Within the Native culture and the Colonial cultures in North America, there are confusion, misjudging, assumptions and conflicts among the two. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass is packed with cultural conflict between Native and Colonial such as misunderstandings. Virgil, getting the wrong idea on John’s plan and John misunderstanding on what Maggie wanted. Followed by that comes preconceptions. People tend to believe Wayne is strange and crazy because he is isolated from everyone on his island and Virgil assuming John is up to no good due to all of his surnames. Denial also comes into play. Virgil denies the acceptance of John and Dakota’s parents not approving Dakota into learning the Native lifestyle. Usually when two cultures meet, they do not usually agree with each other and the result of that do not usually end up well, which can lead to misunderstandings, preconceptions and denials.

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