Differences Between Quebecois And Persian

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Cultural differences become a big problem when the two cultures live on opposite sides of the world, I have been lucky enough to investigate two very different cultures, Quebecois and Persian. When you think of where the 2 cultures come from you realize they are on opposite ends of the world, which could result in many differences, one of the biggest differences being eating etiquette. After living amongst French-Canadians for a couple of weeks, I become frustrated with the amount of time they set aside for each meal. I started complaining to the locals, “Why would someone need 3 hours to eat dinner?” Finally, one of the locals invited me over for dinner, as soon as I got the invite I was so excited I started a countdown to the date of the dinner party. The day of the party was approaching quickly and as it got closer I became more and more curious. I had only been familiar with Persian dinners. A Persian dinner lasted no longer then 1 hour. During a Persian dinner the host sets up the table with all of the available meals. Once the meal is set up everyone heads to the dining room and starts enjoying the meal. Within 30 minutes they table is nearly empty and everyone makes small talk as they wait for the last few people to finish eating. The day of the dinner party had finally come and as I was preparing for the dinner party, I thought of all the possibilities for the party. “Are they going to be hunting for their food? No, that can’t be it that would take way too long.

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