Differences Between Western And Eastern Religions

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Around the World there are various differentiating religions. They all have a similar goal which is to see past everyday concerns in quest of a higher moral drive. Western and eastern religions both are very spiritual in various diverse ways. The western religions focus on monotheism, whereas the eastern religions are polytheistic. Eastern religions beliefs are very different from western religions. Hinduism is mostly about understanding their main God, Brahma which descends from Atman. Hinduism is mostly practiced in India and is the third largest religion around the world. In Hinduism they believe in Moksha which is the idea that the highest level of being is the freedom from transient human life. Hinduism practices meditation, yoga, and offerings to their deities in the temple. There is not official clergy in Hinduism, but they do have Yogis, Gurus, Brahmins, Priests, and Monks. Hinduism believes that reincarnation is a reoccurring cycle until reaching enlightenment, then moksha will be achieved. Buddhism is an offset form of Hinduism. In Buddhism, followers live out a much disciplined life in order to understand that nothing in their selves is made of them. They believe that they are one with the earth. Once reaching this notion in Buddhism you are said to reach Nirvana. Buddhists see humans, animals and even Buddha as equivalents. Buddhism practices the Threefold Way, which is the training of morality, wisdom and concentration. Buddhism differs from Hinduism by not
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