Differences and Similarities between Nietzsche and Freud

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Nieztsche and Freud both philosophers of the 19th century, each famous for their different but similar metaphors. Nieztshche’s metaphor being the Ubermensch (ove rman) which was the ideal superior man who in the coming future would go over the morals of Christianity and force his values to be accepted. Freud was the founder of the psychoanalysis which is the analysis of the human psyche, with his investigations he discovered the id, ego and superego.
Nieztshche and Freud’s metaphors have their similarities and differences, Nieztsche’s idea is that in order to be human or the over man you have to be at a constant war or struggle with social, religious and political convention and that we need to break free and be independent thinkers and not accept the rules that we are given by the authorities or by those in power but we must be creative and create our own values, we are relaxed because society (christianity) defends the weak and that is denying human nature from letting people think for themselves. We should accept and enjoy life as it is with all its struggles and pains that it throws at us and if we do so then we will be the super man and be in love with life.
Freud metaphor says that in order to be human you must be a split subject-id, ego and superego, the mind experiences a constant battle of emotions, desires and thoughts all of these that happen in the sub-conscious so what we have to do is supress and repress them so that we can be able to socialise proper. This

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