Different Better Known Gods

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What I already know or think i know about my topic: Main/highest god is the sun god Ra The Gods have a family tree, not just all separate beings. Each god has a purpose/something they rule over. What i want to know and understand about my topic: Different better known gods. What each god is for. Who was the most important god/gods. Write information you discovered while doing research that you found interesting and or important to know about your topic. Be sure and include information you found about 2A, B, and C: (Please number or bullet point different pieces of information) Anubis, god of the dead, tombs and embalming. Osiris, ruled the underworld and was the judge of the dead. Seth, big villain amongst the gods, murdered his brother, all …show more content…

Sobek, god of strength and power. Heka, god of Magic and Medicine. Heka was the son of Khnum. Khnum, creator god of fertility. Amun, god of the air, sun and sky. Wepawet, god of war, often confused with Anubis. Anput, wife of Anubis. Kebechet, goddess of purification, washing away dirt, and decay. Daughter of Anubis. How can you connect your research to your life? What is the connection? Everything seems to have a different personality, as if they really were dictated by separate beings, or Gods. Describe the connection. Each different thing in my life, in my opinion, has a different personality, like they’re all separate beings that live and breathe. Give an example of the connection. Each of my different classes seems to have different personalities, like math is mean, history is bubbly, and orchestra is strict but still has a happy personality. How can you connect your research to something going on in the world today? What is the connection? Describe the connection. Give an example of the connection. You will need to refer back to what you wrote for part one. How accurate were you in what you were certain you knew and what you thought you knew? Give specific

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