Different Components Of The Key Stakeholders Based On Two Organisations : Debenhams And Water Aid

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In this assignment, I will be talking about what stakeholders mean and the different components of the key stakeholders based on two organisations: Debenhams and Water Aid. A stakeholder is when a person shows a keen interest in the activities of a business, directly or indirectly. There are two types of stakeholders- internal and external. Internal stakeholders mean the business/organisation that runs the activities, for example – managers, employers, supervisors etc. On the other hand, external stakeholder means when the business/organisation depends on external factors that can affect the businesses’ decisions: for example- customers, suppliers and the government. There are 8 key stakeholders’ components in a business and they are…show more content…
Customers are the external stakeholders of a business. The second key stakeholder is the employees. An employer is an individual who works either full-time or part-time under a contract of employment for a business and they are getting paid. The main reason why employees are one of the components for the stakeholder of a company because the business/company provides the employee with a livelihood. If an employer works really well, they are more likely to get promotions and move up from different roles, for example – a sales assistant to a supervisor. If an employee doesn’t get treated right due to issues such as discrimination, they are more likely to not be satisfied with their job and they will not work towards their best potential. They are also more likely to quit. If an employee quits, this will cost the business/organisation more money to find someone else to replace their old employee. The advantages of employees are that this will increase the country’s employment percentage because more people are joining the labour force; this will provide the employees a better standard of living because they are earning more and this will increase the level of staff motivation because this will motivate them to do their best and they can receive promotions and

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