Different Strokes for Different Folks in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Morals are something that everyone has. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the book is full of morally right people and morally wrong people. Jem is one of the most morally stable children in the book because he understands what is happening in his community around the time of Tom Robinson's trial and why it is wrong. He and I share some of the same morals and that is why I picked him as my character choice. I am a very sensitive person. It's been this way since I could remember. So, I try to be sensitive to other people's feelings. So, about a month ago, I started going to club volleyball ,but I signed up late. The first time I went to practice, I expected to take some flack from the girls because I was the “new kid”. Surprisingly though, everyone was nice to me except one girl. Her name was Cassie and she knew everything that had to do with volleyball. As the season progressed on and the “new kid” vibe faded, Cassie still made me feel like dirt. I never saw her tell any of the other girls on my team what to do when they made a mistake and I kind of felt singled-out. My mom had picked me up from and I ranted, and ranted, until my mom stepped in and said, “Elon, think about all you just said. You don't know what she's like except during volleyball. I know for a fact she has problems at home because her mom told me.” I tuned her out halfway through because I was tired of my mom defending everyone other than me. But the longer I thought about, the more of what she said
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