Different Types Of Food

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Working in a hot, smoky, hectic restaurant you end up coming across every denomination of people, because if there is one universal truth it is, everyone needs to eat. Throughout my time there I have noticed the differences and the similarities amongst the people passing through the doors. From the high baller or what I call a food snob, the middle class not of society but of food consumption, spontaneous first timers/tryers, the everyday normals, and the ever-faithful regulars. You can notice food snobs the moment they walk through the door, they are the type of person who looks at everything as if they are rating it. From the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave they always have to be very specific in the way they go …show more content…

Similar to the food snob, however they usually don’t complain as much about the order not being exactly the way they wanted it. Some of the most interesting customers to interact with, they are usually jovial and are not afraid to be generous with the tip. However they can have issue if their food takes too long, everyone has had to wait a lengthy period of time from a restaurant. Though they are usually cheerful they can be temperamental when this happens and you never know exactly how they are going to react to such a scenario. Some of the best people being the tryers, best as in they are smack in the middle and neither complain or are trying to make it weird. The type of people who haven’t gone to a specific place frequently or ever for that matter. They are the best because they have no expectations walking in only knowing the information that they have heard from other people. Using this they walk in like a child visiting somewhere new for the first time, and you can usually pick them out from the way they look around. These people are on an adventure and so they are glad to order whatever sounds best at the time, and wait for the meal to present itself. They are also usually more into the atmosphere and the different ways restaurants decorate their dining areas, as well as the conversations being had with the people they are with. They rarely make extra special orders or even have anything out of the ordinary

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