Different Types Of Nerve Cells

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Nerve Cells
Nerve cells are crucial to all living organisms because they serve as a messenger in the different parts of the body. There are three different types of nerve cells (neurons) sensory neurons, motor neurons, and association neurons. All three of these types come together in order to allow the body to function properly. Without neurons the body wouldn’t have the ability to know when there is illumination or warmth in or outside the body, know how to perform functions in the other parts of the body (such as muscles),or have these two things work together to know what the other is doing.
Sensory neurons have importance because they allow your body to have the five physical senses, (smell,touch,taste,sight,and …show more content…

One important sensory neuron that everyone is very familiar with is tastebuds. Tastebuds are extremely sensitive neurons that have a built in pH detector. That is why the more acidic something is the more sour it taste and when sodium ions increase this is what makes food have a salty taste. Sensory neurons are crucial to the body for maintaining homeostasis by providing organisms with skills that we need.
The second kind of neuron that is also very important to organisms is motor neurons. Motor neurons are responsible for the movement of organisms. If our body didn’t form motor neurons we wouldn’t have the ability to talk, eat, life, drink,walk, and any other kind of simple movements. According to Daniel Liden, a freelance journalist, motor neurons “directly or indirectly controls the contraction or relaxation of muscles” (Liden, para 1.) Motor neurons are also sometimes referred to as efferent neurons. Motor neurons bring information made by the central nervous system to the different muscles in the body.There are three different kinds of motor neurons. The three different kinds are somatic, specific visceral, and general visceral. Somatic motor neurons are used for forming skeletal muscles and movement in the body. Specific visceral motor neurons are important in vertebrates for the movement of neck muscles and facial muscles. Specific visceral neurons are important to sea animals for the movement of gills. The last kind of motor neurons, general visceral, are

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