Different Types Of Relationships Within Our Lives

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There are varying types of relationships that occur in our lives. These relationships can be with our friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and acquaintances. Not all of these relationships are good relationships. Even the relationships that we think are good can quickly or gradually change and fall into a bad relationship. Many theories have been established to help people navigate their way through it. Better yet by improving their relationships or terminating it. I will explain my own relationship that appears to have digressed to more of an acquaintances. My relationship is based on friendship that I have had with a guy named Ryan since I was 3 or 4 years old. We first met each other as little kids at the church nursery. As we grew …show more content…

We both wanted to be Fire Fighters. That fact that there was a group of us who didn’t want to go to college at all, but wanted a form of a trade, which only increased our friendship. It seemed like within this small group of friends we would hang out together forever. However, everything changed when my brother and I moved into our own place in High School. We developed this independence that most kids our age didn’t get to feel yet. Ryan happened to be the only other guy among our friends of achieving financial independence and leaving home. Once we graduated our class went on their senior trip while my brother, Ryan and I immediately attended PCC EMT certification program. We bonded a little more during that because we were the only three that didn’t go. But things didn’t seem to take the course that we thought that it would. After the first month (honeymoon stage) we started to notice things about each other that we never knew about. Tom and I enjoy socializing but we truly enjoyed our privacy and isolation. Ryan turned out was a very socially needy individual. After class we would go home and we would study and eat something. He always liked to cook, and made bizarre dishes. He would always ask us to taste. I would always decline because in my mind if I wanted it I would ask for some. He would say he was insulted in a jokingly manner but later he would say that it truly bothered him. After EMT school we were all working during the rest of the

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