Different Types of Arthritis Essay

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Different Types of Arthritis

Someone once told me, that if I keep popping my knuckles it will cause arthritis in my hands in the future. Did you know that’s a myth? I sure didn’t. It turns out that the cracking noise from your knuckles are just a rapid collapse of gaseous bubbles. While arthritis is stiffness of the joints with painful inflammation. There are many types of arthritis out there. Some of them can be mild and others can be severe. Some of them can causes a physical change to your body, such as your hands and feet, and some types you don’t even physically notice. As I was researching arthritis is amazed me how many different types there actually are. I could name a bunch of them but today I am only going to be …show more content…

It has also been proven that eating purines, which is in meat and fish, can also increase your chances on getting gout. When going to the doctor they may take your blood to test for uric acid or even take fluid from your joints. The treatment for gout is a shot of corticosteroids. You may also want to rest the joints that are swelling for your own comfort.
As I said earlier gout effects the big toe, but for rheumatoid arthritis, it for the most part effects the hands and the feet. Rheumatoid arthritis happens in the more flexible joints. Because it is most affective in the hands and feet, you can see a physical difference in people who are diagnosed with this type of arthritis. This type of arthritis is more common in the middle age group but that doesn’t mean it cannot occur in other ages. RA is still has an unknown cause but they believe that systemic autoimmune disease plays a big part of the reason it develops. Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is close to the same as osteoarthritis. Doctors say that physical therapy would be highly recommended and that you should take some sort of an anti-inflammatory medication.
RA is more common in the hands and feet, whereas spondyloarthropathy is more common in your back or pelvic region. This type of arthritis is also very common in children. Spondyloarthropathy is a gene that could possibly be passed down from generation to generation. The gene is called HLA-B27.

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