Differentiate Between Civil And Criminal Cases

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This assignment required me to differentiate between civil and criminal cases, and explain my rationale for labeling these cases as either civil or criminal. Therefore, it is important to begin with an explanation of both a civil case and a criminal case. The lines between the two can be blurry at times, but they do have definite differences when examined. Criminal cases are initiated by the state or Federal government after a defendant violates a criminal statute, and are used to discourage socially. Criminal law also provides rehabilitation to those committing crimes against society, behaving within societal norms is the desired outcome upon completion of their debt to society (p 400). Some actions can be both civil cases and criminal cases. For example, if an assault occurred, the defendant violated a criminal statute, and is guilty of an intentional tort violation by intentionally causing physical harm to the injured party. Although both the criminal and civil violation occurred simultaneously, both cases would need to be heard in different courts. Civil violations are violations of tort law, torts are non-contractual violations resulting in injury, either physical, emotional, or to the person’s reputation. Torts are broken down into three areas: Intentional, negligence, and strict liability. Intentional torts are created when a person’s actions cause damages to another party, are intentional, reckless, and they disregarded the consequences of their actions. If party A
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