Differentiated Instruction And How Teacher Efficacy And

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Differentiated Instruction and How Teacher Efficacy and Knowledge Influences its Practice

The subject of implementing differentiated instruction in a classroom full of diverse individuals, whether at the primary level or secondary level is often two-sided. Some teachers may embrace the practice with opposition while others promote its use. Often, many teachers are not properly trained or are new to the profession and are not quite sure how to integrate multiple styles of learning into their lessons.
Because any classroom with more than one student presents a range of diverse learning needs, teachers often struggle to provide all their students with focused learning activities specifically designed to what works best for them. What …show more content…

It is also important that educators have adequate resources made available to them to be able to provide a variety of methods of instruction in order to meet the needs of the diverse groups of students present in their classrooms. Trying to stay productive and effective in the classroom is not an easy task. Keeping abreast of all the needs of students in the classroom can sometimes be mind boggling. Student learning variations results from individual differences in ability and motivation, but environmental, social, cultural, and developmental factors also affect the ability to learn (Gagne, Wager, Golas, & Keller, 2005 as cited in Aldridge, 2007). Educators must have experience with a variety of teaching methods to implement and must also be prepared for thoughts and questions in the classroom that arise during lessons or lectures. Teachers’ adaptability is honed by constant reflection: Each lesson an educator prepares for must have a clear lesson plan to successfully teach each concept in a differentiated manner, but they also must be ready to adapt to unexpected questions and student ideas that arise (Parsons, Dodman, & Burrowbridge). Implementing differentiating instruction warrants continuing education that provides the tools and

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