Diffferences in Detective Stories Essays

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Throughout the years detective stories have changed due to the time period and what was socially acceptable. For instance, at one point in time women were only seen as the damsel in distress even in detective stories. Whereas now in the remake of Sherlock Holmes the character played by Rachel McAdams has a huge role in helping solve cases. Another difference, although this depends on the writer, is at what point the actual murder takes place whether it is at the beginning of the story or the end. Edgar Allen Poe may have started off the detective story frenzy with his character Dupin but since then stories, roles of women and men, and how the stories are organized has changed, possibly for the better. In Edgar Allen Poe’s detective …show more content…

Just like in the other stories you have a male detective who is very cunning. He quickly learns the different habits of all the people that come and go from the hotel and what their reactions are to certain scenarios or situations. This story is actually different because the murder does not happen until the end of the story. Another difference is that the murder happened a little more close to home seeing as how it was the detectives own brother who was killed. It was also the detectives own fault because if he had not been protecting the girl that his brother was going after then his brother would not have died. All of these detective stories were very similar. They all had a male role that was very smart and analytical and for the most part the storylines were all the same. One added going undercover to the mix and another completely flip-flopped the murder so that it happened at the end of the book instead of the beginning. In these stories the men all had to prove themselves and show that they could do the job they were assigned whether it was to another character in the book or instead to the reader. Now these are the stories that have shaped the detective stories that we read about and watch on TV even today. Whether it is NCIS, Murder She Wrote, Walker Texas Ranger, Law and Order or any spin off imaginable they all started with the same building blocks that the first ones did.

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